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Calicut univesity Degree Online Application 2016. University of Calicut introduces Centralized Admission Process for admission to Under Graduate programmes in its affiliated colleges from the academic year 2016

  1. CAP helps students to submit applications to affiliated colleges of their choice through simple online steps. This hassle-free process is time saving, cost effective and ensures transparency in  admission. The online allotment process provides the candidates, the opportunity to obtain admission to any of the affiliated colleges / Centres and to the programmes of his/her choice on the basis of merit. It also helps to give maximum exposure to various colleges and programmes under the jurisdiction of the University.
  2. Click here to get the MALAYALAM Instructions
  3. What all will be available in CAP?
  4. University of Calicut [Official Site]
  5. Fee Remittance
  6. Online Registration
  7. Orders/Cirulars
  8. Other Important Links
  9. Is it mandatory to register through CAP?
    All candidates seeking admissions to the UG courses without entrance should register through CAP.
  10. How can we create a user account?
    Use the url . Click New user. See instructions in the site.
  11. How can I remit my fee
    Use the url to pay  fee. See instructions and prospectus (page  no —-) for details.
  12. Where do I get information about eligibility to various courses?
    The eligibility criteria to various courses are available in the prospectus page —
  13. How does one get ranked in a course/college ?
    The ranking to a course in a  college will be in accordance to the index marks calculated. The rules for indexing is available in the prospectus (page no  —)
  14. How many allotments are there through CAP?
    There will be three allotments for 2015-2016 admissions.
  15. What is mandatory fee and why I should pay it one I get an allotment ?
  16. The candidates who receive allotment should pay the mandatory fee (in single E-chalan/online payment) within the time prescribed for confirmation of the allotment received.
    Those who fail to remit the fee or those who fail to accept allotment on or before the     time prescribed for the same ,will lose the current allotment as well as the eligibility     for further allotments.